An adaptation of the Stereophonics hit from 2003. Piano and vocals combined with almost Fink-like influences. Do we have a hit here like Laura Jansen with “Use Somebody”, Lucie Silvas with “Nothing Else matters” or Jeff Buckley with “Hallelujah”. It could just be.... Frank Blueka's specialty is bringing rock songs back to their essence. In own work and borrowed work. A rock poet, relaxed and effective.

Besides his own shows, Frank often plays during special projects in theaters for refugee youth (12-18 years). Maybe Tomorrow is partly an ode to all refugees who are trying to find a (new) home and, more broadly, an ode to the art of searching that we so often recognize in our own lost feelings...

Upcoming highlights:

  • 26 Oct Theater Vrijhof - FRANK BLUEKA Language FREE Songwriting
  • 07 Nov Zwolse Theaters - FRANK BLUEKA Language FREE Songwriting (school setting)
  • 15 Dec Acoustic heart Sessions Gorinschem  1st try-out new Theater show FRANK BLUEKA - LOVE!
  • 23 Jan Enschede Concordia - FRANK BLUEKA Language FREE Songwriting (school setting)
  • 30 Mar NEW ALBUM "Moonstones, silk and Rockpoetry" vinyl and CD
  • 15 April Deventer Schouwburg premiere FRANK BLUEKA - LOVE!
  • More dates to follow

©BMP-music / thanks goes to The Stereophonics, Raymond van der Vechte (arrangement & Mixing) & Pier-Durk Hogeterp (mastering


"Brings Me Light" NEW single March 2022 !

When we speak to Frank, he almost apologizes for the open nature of his new single. “Yes, it is double. I 've noticed that many musicians have a feeling of... Here we go again...! At the same time, I also noticed a hesitate because of the war in Ukraine which has a great emotional impact", says Frank. He feels supported by the words of a language purist who tweeted Frank on Facebook “Yes, times are crazy. So we must keep on singing and playing to the most beautiful song that is often about love as the purpose of existence.”

It was well known Dutch DJ Giel Beelen who invited Frank last summer for a surprising live performance on Radio2 with the song "Holy Mama". “These were my first steps towards a new album. An album working together with Raalter producer-mixer Raymond van der Vechte. We combine an acoustic sound with beats and atmospheric flows”, says Frank. The two create a very unique and new sound. International listeners are increasing on Spotify and Youtube.

We ask Frank about his music influences. “Whow, yes, that sometimes changes per period. For now I can mention colleagues Ben Howard, David Gray, Ryan Adams, Luka Bloom, Bon Iver, John Mayer and I can’t ignore the creative Ed Sheeran.

The new single “Brings me Light” is an epic pop realm about love. How the light of love can suddenly burn brightly. The song is attractively layered, beautifully constructed and truly a remarkable pop song.

BRINGS ME LIGHT can be streamed on all digital channels. A video clip with beautiful nature images was the start-up on YouTube. Frank Blueka's website is www.frankblueka.com. Frank can also be found on Instagram, Spotify, Tik Tok and Facebook.

Text: Susan Smith

Music engineering thanks go to: Raymond van der Vechte (Co-producing/mixing, Raalte-Amsterdam). Pier-Durk Hogeterp (Mastering, Wisseloord, Hilversum/ Ferwoude), Darius van Helfteren (Amsterdam Mastering), Natascha Dekker (reflection and pre-listening).


Februari 2022. ON SPOTIFY Playlist with 667,000 followers. Between modern colleagues like Lewis Capaldi, Adèle, James Blake, Duncan Laurence, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran...